Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bob Barr shocks the Left

A surprise appearance at Netroots Nation, where no one -- not even the normally savvy Garance Franke-Ruta or the clever Christina Bellantoni-- suspects Barr's secret plan to play the "spoiler" role by undermining Obama's claim to be the most credible anti-war candidate.

Barr graduated high school in Tehran and once worked for the CIA. If he could get into the fall debates, he'd expose Obama as a clueless lightweight. Liberals who've been promoting Barr as a spoiler who'll hurt only the GOP don't realize how dangerous Barr could be to the Democrats, once the anti-war crowd recognizes Obama as just another lying politician who will sell them out in a heartbeat.


  1. You are exactly right. Obama's FISA vote demonstrated that he's a captive of the Washington power structure every bit as much as McCain is. Barr could (and hopefully will) upset everyone’s political calculations across the political spectrum. Barr has laid the groundwork to do so over the last few years, for example with his pro-privacy and pro-civil liberties work with the ACLU. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Barr has something for everyone. McCain is doing worse then people think with conservatives. Obama in his run to the center will alienate some of the online activists.

    Barr has to make it clear he would leave it to the states on gay marriage, medical marijuana and some of the other social issues.

  3. Hey Tajitj, I was curious myself about where Mr. Barr stands on those issues and found this -
    "The federal government should neither regulate personal relationships nor discriminate against individuals for their personal preferences." - Bob Barr
    He has been working with the Marijuana Policy Project for a few years now, and they endorsed him, so I think its a safe bet he would at least decriminalize.

    Yours in Liberty, Zak Carter

  4. I have been saying this all along. Barr is in the race to hit them both. Talk it up! No matter how you feel about him he should be in the debates.