Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Illegals killed her family

Thanks to San Francisco's policy of "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants, Danielle Bologna's husband and two sons are dead.

(Via Hot Air.) Slaughtering entire families is apparently one of those "jobs Americans won't do." AllahPundit recommends Cinammon Stillwell's San Francisco Chronicle column as background. Michelle Malkin:
The City of San Francisco wanted to keep criminal illegal alien juveniles like Edwin Ramos in San Francisco–or, at least, somewhere inside the United States. They were willing to frustrate a federal law to do so. And a devastating, preventable triple murder occurred because of their policy.
The problem with tolerating lawbreakers (which is what illegal aliens are) is that it encourages an outlaw attitude that allows thugs like Ramos to flourish. Illegals know damn well that they're breaking the law, and the fact that they're getting away with it fosters a contempt for society. Who wouldn't have contempt for an America that looks the other way while its most basic laws are flouted?

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  1. I am not really a person who thought very seriously about government conspiracys but what else could this be? The federal government can't prevent citys from becoming sanctuary citys? The United States is unable to protect our borders and enforce its own Immigration Laws? It is so frustrating to think that the fedreal government can send troops to Iraq, overthrow their government and change society over there but cannot protect our own boarders or deport the terrorist, illegal immagrant felons that are flowing in to the U.S.from our boarders. What happened to homeland security? was part of it not established to secure our borders from the terrorist illegal immigrants? These illegal Immagrant felons are no different from the terrorists that destroyed so many lives on 911
    they are killing more people and destoying our society with the their distribution of drugs,sex trade and various other crimes that had they been American Citizens would be in prison for. It is simply impossible for the United States to be everything for everyone.
    It is time that we protect ourselves and our citizens from these individualls. I welcome all Immigrants to the United States.
    we have the best citizens from all around the world already living in the United States they all applied to come here, and they are here legally when they decided to stay applied for citizenship. and became a Proud American.