Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCain attacks keep surging

Having launched an offensive, the McCain campaign continues its steady drumbeat of attacks against Obama for his opposition to the surge in Iraq. A press release from the campaign this morning notes that Obama will be interviewed tonight on NBC News and points out:
[W]hile Barack Obama was trying to score political points in the Democratic primaries by calling the surge a failure, NBC News was reporting the progress being made in Iraq because of the surge.
The McCain press office provides three video clips of Obama criticizing the surge on NBC. Jan. 10, 2007, Obama says the surge will make things worse in Iraq:

July 18, 2007, Obama says the surge hasn't worked:

Nov. 11, 2007, Obama says the surge is "potentially worsening" the situation in Iraq:

Obama may be able to defend, but he clearly cannot deny, his opposition to the surge.

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