Friday, July 25, 2008

'Le John Kennedy noir'

Oh, this is rich:
[T]he French do seem for the most part keen to welcome "le John Kennedy noir" (the black JFK) as AFP describes him. The media also is mostly welcoming. Le
, in an article headlined "Obama discovers a Europe already conquered," calls him the antithesis of Bush and also reports that 84% of the French have a favorable opinion of him compared with just 33% having a favorable opinion of McCain. The article also touches on the "JFK factor" and comments that even though Europe would welcome pretty much any non-Republican after Bush, Obama is even more welcome because of his opposition to the war in Iraq and his progressive ideas on social issues.
Les Amis des Noirs! And of course, any American politician beloved by the French is destined for victory, as Jean Francois Kerry could testify.

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  1. I am sick of hearing about JFK. I don't think being a President for a couple of yrs qualifies one to be GREAT. He didn't do anything. Well, he did do Monroe, but thats a different blog. But really, the Kennedy's are a plague to this country. I am sick of the elistest mentality of them and thier kind.let them all get REAL jobs! And by the way, who gives a crap if the Germs or the French like BO more than JM. Get out of our business and back to your socialist ideas and loser attitudes. Don't worry Europe I'm sure we will free you again from whoever overruns you. Well, only if John gets in, cause BO will let you become lamp shades for the Taliban.