Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama in Berlin

As Ed Morrisey notes, this video of the speech was sent out by the Obama campaign as part of a fundraising email:

Other reaction from around the 'Net:

  • James Poulos calls the "citizen of the world" line a mistake.
  • Daniel Larison calls the line a "blunder" and says: "Obama misjudges the public mood here in the U.S. quite badly if he thinks that 'this is the moment' when Americans are interested in tearing down walls and embracing globalisation."
  • The German press is predictably enthusiastic.
  • Dean Barnett: "Perhaps Obama's ego has grown so large that he figures one country, even the world's lone superpower, is no longer worthy of his leadership. A quick prediction -- 'the citizen of the world' mess-up will be one of the issues that frames the rest of the election."
  • Kevin Holtsberry: "What it really came down to . . . was Obama the messiah giving the world a giant pep talk."
  • Obama didn't have time to visit U.S. troops in Germany, but Karen Tumulty of Time notes that he and his staff had time for "celebratory martinis" after the speech.

My reaction to the speech? Just click the video:

Ich bin ein "Kumbayah"!

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