Friday, July 25, 2008

Berlin Backlash Builds

Barack Obama's grandiose gesture -- "a manifesto for the planet," as Mike Allen calls it -- at the Siegessaule in Berlin prompts an inevitable reaction, and it's not good news for the apostles of Hope. As yesterday's Quote of the Day hinted, it is a political liability to be seen as a "citizen of the world" who seems "more popular in Germany than in rural Pennsylvania." And as Instapundit says, "This headline won't help":
Especially when, as Ed Morrissey points out, the visit was apparently cancelled because the military wouldn't allow Obama to bring along his media entourage for a photo-op.

Further reaction is likely -- El Rushbo is already ripping Obama over his "arrogant" speech-- and I'll try to update as the backlash builds today.

UPDATE: Susan Estrich explains why Obama could be hurt by his status as a media darling:
[B]eing the favorite of the press doesn't necessarily win you votes. Most people don't actually like the press. The friend of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Being liked by the boys and girls on the bus doesn't necessarily earn you the respect of the people back home.
Ding, ding, ding! Another hubris alert from Nicole Allan at The New Republic:
During his Berlin speech today, at which he was welcomed with seeming rapture, he spoke to the "people of the world" as if he were already president of the United States of America and all she represents. The McCain camp was quick to read some irony into this.
Republicans doing irony? How dare they!

UPDATE II: Meanwhile, continuing the trend noted in my Pajamas Media article Wednesday, John McCain keeps up the attack in the "heartland":
"My opponent, of course, is traveling in Europe, and tomorrow his tour takes him to France," Mr. McCain said with [Tour de France champion Lance] Armstrong at the Columbus event, according to his prepared remarks. "In a scene Lance would recognize, a throng of adoring fans awaits Senator Obama in Paris -- and that’s just the American press."
Remember that the latest Rasmussen poll shows McCain 10 points ahead in Ohio.

UPDATE III: Mocked by the Times of London.

UPDATE IV: Howard Kurtz reports:
Not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid. Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote of the coverage: "McCain is now cast as the crabby uncle who visits and shrieks there's no gin in your house," while Obama is "busy fighting off throngs of reporters, a cast of thousands as urgent and impassioned as in those old Hollywood biblical epics."
Ralph Begleiter, a former CNN correspondent who is now journalist in residence at the University of Delaware, says the notion that Obama was making real news -- as opposed to exploiting pretty backdrops -- is "a sham argument. Of course it's a photo op. If he wanted to go to Afghanistan as a senator, he could have done it."
There can be no doubt that, if Obama loses Nov. 4, the media will go into mourning.

UPDATE V: Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) on MSNBC:
Barack Obama has always had a great charismatic style, but the substance has never been there and his inexperience is one of the things that troubles a lot of people. . . . He went [to Europe] . . . to try to give himself some kind of kind of patina of credibility.
Watch out for the shark, Fonzie!

UPDATE VI: Congratulations to Michelle Malkin, who celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary yesterday, and returns today to observe of the media's honeymoon with Obama: "Ever so slowly, the glow is dimming."


  1. Of course if you ask all right-wingers you'll tell you Obama has no substance.Anything is better than the moron we've had in the office for the last 8 years. His destruction will be felt for years to come. I think it is time to rise up and kick some ass. The democrats have let GWB run all over the American People and they will pay and are just as guilty as you and your cronies!!

  2. Why can't we just have common sense, Anonymous? We aren't sheeple like you. Obama is uh, uh,uh an idiot. Along with the Democratic led Senate, he has no ideas. he's not a thinker. The left has made fun of the way Bush speaks, and he can make you laugh at times, but Obama is an idiot. He can't put a sentance together w/o uh, uh, uh, you know, uh, uh...hmmmm higher education, riiiiiiiiiight. The biggest case of affirmative action evahhhhhh.

  3. If President Bush is the moron you liberals make him out to be, then the Dems in Congress are cretins.

    For, the President has outmaneuvered them for 8 years. Despite hundreds of pointless and politically-motivated inquiries, investigations, hearings, and seances, the Democrats have NOTHING on him.

    Intelligence is not something the Dems seem to be in stock of, despite their haughty pretenses to the contrary. Hatred, divisiveness and a lack of any measure of decorum and patriotism, however, they are overstocked with.

    Obama is bad news. He is as empty and hollow as the promises of a Democrat (hello... Ending the Culture of Corruption!).

    He will facilitate Socialism in this country; a failed philosophy that is inherently evil.

    Obama can keep his platitudes and soaring prose. I'll keep the Constitution and my Rights, thank you very much.

  4. I don't understand how someone who hasn't been elected yet can go to a foreign country and make speeches to crowds of 200,000 people. It is immodest and inappropriate. If he was truly going there as a citizen and on a fact-finding tour of Europe, he should only have met privately with European leaders and if he had a policy speech to make it should have been done in a university auditorium or something like that. Orchestrating a rally of 200,000 people, even if you are able to, just smacks of bad taste.

  5. From 9/11 forward our liberal Congress became a phycological warfare arm of our enemy strengthing our enemy and prolonging the war. We should hold them directly responseable for the deaths of many young servicemen. In my opinion, their subversion has been more destructive than 'Tokyo Rose' or 'Jane Fonda's' ever was during our WWII and the Viet Nam wars.

    And now this Liberal Congress and the socalist NY Times and CNN want American's to install the most
    liberal of their group,Barack Hussan Obama as our President to play 'patty cakes' with people who
    want to destroy us and kill all Americans. This Country doesn't need 'Change' to a Socialist European style of government.

    Every 'Obama' utterance has been 'I', 'We', will 'bring about change', movinga from the left coast Socialist Wing of his party [who pay his bill's], to the middle then back to the left when his gets upsit.

    I truly believe Americans are smarter than that and dearly hope so as there will be no recovering from this one.