Thursday, July 24, 2008

McCain campaign conference call

I'm currently on hold waiting for the start of the McCain campaign's conference call "with Doug Holtz-Eakin, senior policy adviser, and Nancy Pfotenhauer, senior policy adviser and spokeswoman, to discuss energy relief and Barack Obama's no, we can't' policy."

11:55 a.m.: Pfotenhauer: "The failure of Senator Obama to understand the need to increase domestic [oil] production is just stunning."

On oil exploration, "It’s hard to name another developed country that has tied its hand the way the United States has," Pfotenhauer said.

Noon -- The call just ended. I was kind of stunned that there was no follow-up on a point that Holtz-Eakin mentioned: Obama opposes the creation of any new coal-fired electric power plants. That's got to be political poison in Pennsylvania, and yet I never heard anything about this previously. I remember in 2000, Al Gore's anti-coal stance hurt him badly in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Expect further updates ....

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