Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elton + Hillary = $2.5 million

UPDATED & BUMPED: Michelle Malkin:
Sure, there are Neanderthals who won’t vote for any female candidate based on her gender.
But there are far more anti-Hillary voters who are opposed to her pathological dishonesty -- not her biological make-up.
And yes, there’s the obvious point that if you’re a sexist for opposing Mrs. Clinton, doesn’t that make you a racist for opposing Obama?
Malkin also points out that "the Washington Times first raised questions about the legality of the foreign pop star raising gobs of money for Hill."
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According to the New York Times, the attraction of Sir Elton John at Radio City Music Hall raised $2.5 million for the Clinton campaign last night:
Sir Elton John was the main attraction on Wednesday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York, but the spotlight was really on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was lavished with donations to her presidential campaign.
The event brought in more than $2.5 million, according to the campaign, from the sale of more than 5,000 tickets.
The concert was announced in March with a mass e-mail message to Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, signed by Elton John. “There is nothing I like better than throwing a party for a good friend,” the message said in part.
I actually was invited to attend the Radio City Music Hall event -- that's how it is with Hillary and me -- but decided to stay home and watch "COPS" instead.

UPDATE: Sir Elton gets catty:
"I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country," he said. "I say to hell with them."
With apologies to the visiting British nobility, saying "to hell with them" is kind of problematic in a democracy. Or, as Don Surber says:
[W]ho is he to tell us whom to vote for and then to insult those who do not jump to his whims? It says a lot about Hillary that she has to trot out foreigners to prop up her dead parrot campaign.
Don, her campaign isn't dead -- it's just pining for the fjords!

The New Republic probably goes a bit far in suggesting that Sir Elton is "Clinton's Jeremiah Wright." I'm pretty sure Obama's pastor never performed in a feather boa and red-glitter 5-inch platform shoes.

UPDATE II: No sooner do I mention red-glitter 5-inch platform shoes, than I see a story (via Memeorandum) that Obama's dissing the "LGBT" press:

[The editor of the Philadelphia Gay News] published a half-blank front page to represent what he described in an editorial as Obama’s “disrespect of the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender] local media.”
It was an attention-grabbing move that positioned a floodlight on gripes that had been festering for months in the gay press: Obama won’t make time for local gay publications.
“It wasn’t surprising to me,” said Tammye Nash, editor of the Dallas Voice, a gay and lesbian weekly that also failed in its efforts to interview Obama before the Texas primary on March 4. “Obviously he is not snubbing the gay community. But we obviously feel he is (bypassing) the gay press.”
The Philadelphia Gay News rebuke highlighted Obama’s complex relationship with the gay community, and touched off a blogosphere debate about the role of the gay media in presidential campaign coverage and the ethics of gay journalists.
A "complex relationship with the gay community"? This is what they say about a Democrat who disses the LGBT community. Republicans are just hate-filled homophobic bigots. Nuance.

But you can't blame Obama. Hillary's hanging out with Sir Elton, so she's pretty much got the LGBT community locked up. Obama probably figures he might as well go for the homophobic bigot vote.

UPDATE III: Craig Henry on Sir Elton:
That's why we had that little kerfuffle back in 1775-1783: so we did not have to listen to stupids fops like Sir Elton.
So does this make HRC the modern descendant of the Loyalist ladies in Philadelphia who entertained the British officers while the Continental army froze and starved at Valley Forge?

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