Monday, April 7, 2008

Barr on Heston

Statement from Bob Barr released today:
I was deeply saddened to hear of Charlton’s passing and want his devoted wife Lydia and children Holly and Fraser to know that they are in my heart and prayers at this difficult time. He was a truly venerable figure off the screen as well as on. Like his friend Ronald Reagan, he showed true courage by turning his back on liberalism and publicly embracing principles of liberty at a time and in a place where it wasn’t just unpopular, it was a perilous career move. By the time I came to know him through his work with the NRA, he had become the Second Amendment’s very best advocate. I am honored that he campaigned for me in each of my Congressional races, and am privileged to have worked with him as a NRA Board Member during his tenure as President. We are better off and more secure in our freedoms thanks to him, so let us rejoice in his life even as we mourn this loss.

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