Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Democrat meltdown?

Jimmie at Sundrews Shack reacts to my earlier post on John McCain's money troubles:
Talk to your friends and neighbors about the coming election. See if you can find one of them, just one, who is actually excited about John McCain.
But then Jimmie takes it in a very interesting direction:
Robert thinks that Johnny Mac is going to get beaten badly. I don’t think so. I think that he’s going to win because the other Democratic candidates just plain stink. Neither one of them seems to be making any great inroads coaxing supporters away from the other one, which is a recipe for the sort of convention Krystallnacht that will drive even some staunch Democrats into McCain’s arms. . . . [I]t’s easy to see McCain winning handily in November. His win won’t come about because he’s anyone’s first choice. He’ll get in because most Americans will find him the candidate who stinks the least.
Hmmmmm. Thanks for that, Jimmie. It's a bit wishful, but still very interesting. And after pondering the possible precedents, I think I feel an essay coming on . . .

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