Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barr on the border

Bob Barr appeared on the Neal Boortz Show and seemed to sketch out some sort of background--check system for illegals. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:
“The Libertarian Party has not exactly been strong on the issue of controlling the Mexican invasion into this country,” Boortz began.
“Actually, they have been,” Barr replied. . . .
Said Barr:
“You set a mechanism internally to determine who is here. And if you catch folks that are here unlawfully, and do not submit themselves to a background check that those coming into this country are going to be required to do, then you send them back to their country.”
Said Boortz:
“It sounds to me that you’re saying, if you find an illegal immigrant in this country, and they’re willing to submit to a background check, that that could open the door to them staying here.”
Said Barr:
“I think as a practical matter, that makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure how you would go about rounding up millions of people and trying to deport them. The key here is security….”
I'm not sure I like the sound of that, but I'm also not sure if the AJC is providing an accurate account of what Barr was actually saying. The AJC is so liberal, they slant the bowling scores.

Boortz, a longtime LP member, responds to "people [who] are concerned that Barr's candidacy [is] going to give us another Ross Perot situation ... where votes for Perot essentially put Bill Clinton into office":
I'm really not going to be upset if the Republicans get their hats handed to them in this election. During the Bush years the only bright moments for the Republican Party were tax cuts and fighting Islamic fascism. Beyond that, what have they done? Well, they doubled the size and the cost of the federal government for one. How's that for a record of accomplishment. In 2007 Republicans were the pork champions in Washington; more pork spending than Democrats. Oh yeah --- let me get my checkbook out and make a huge contribution to the Republican Party right now. . . .
If the Democrats win ... so be it. We've become a nanny nation anyway. Might as well make it official.
Tax cuts are nothing to sneeze at, but they're due to expire and the Republicans don't have the votes in Congress to extend them, anyway.

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