Thursday, April 10, 2008

Media advice -- ignore it!

Chuck Todd, political director of NBC News, gives advice to conservatives:
[John McCain] is proving to be perhaps the only electable Republican in the country, short of Colin Powell or the ineligible Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Conservatives may not be thrilled with what a McCain presidency means, but if social conservatives care about the makeup of the House and Senate, as well state legislatures and the courts, then they should rally around McCain. . . .
There are credible paths to victory for McCain regardless of his opponent. But the easier path -- or the more comfortable one for McCain -- appears to be a campaign against Clinton. . . . McCain's campaign sweet spot over the years has been when he’s the "change" candidate. Despite the (R) next to his name, he can run against Hillary's last name and claim the change mantle. It will not be easy, but it will be easier than claiming that mantle against Obama.
A good time to apply Ann Coulter's First Rule of Politics: Never take advice from your enemies.

The fact that Chuck Todd is political director of NBC News means that he is a liberal Democrat. NBC News does not hire conservative Republicans, except perhaps as truck drivers. No, scratch that. NBC News is a union shop, so its truck drivers are liberal Democrats, too.

If a liberal Democrat says John McCain can win in November, that means McCain is doomed beyond hope.

If a liberal Democrat is telling conservatives to rally 'round John McCain, conservatives would be wise to get as far away from McCain as possible.

And if a liberal Democrat says McCain-Clinton is a better matchup than McCain-Obama, that means Obama could finish surprisingly weak in November. Not weak enough to lose to McCain, but still surprisingly weak.

(What is it with all these MSM pundits offering campaign advice to Republicans lately?)

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