Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Code Pink pests

Code Pink and other anti-war protesters repeatedly interrupted Gen. Petraeus' testimony today. Associated Press:
During the exchange with Levin, the hearing was briefly interrupted by one protester repeatedly shouting, "Bring them home!" The protester was removed from the hearing room by two members of the Capitol Police force. . . .
Inside the packed hearing room, members of the group Code Pink scoffed loudly at suggestions by Petraeus that Iran was aiding the insurgency in Iraq and a comment by Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., that detainee torture was a left-leaning delusion.
Maine News:
Some protesters from the anti-war group Code Pink showed up to the hearing in long black robes, hands painted red and face colored in silver. Capitol Police officers warned them several times to remain quiet and did not permit them to hold placards any higher than chest level. During McCain’s testimony, a man stood in the back of the room and screamed, “Bring them home!” The police escorted him out of the room.
Somebody needs to tell these clowns that congressional hearings are not an appopriate venue for performance art. More from CQ:
The session was interrupted three times by anti-war protesters in the gallery, including members of Code Pink, who chanted, “There is no military solution” and “Bring them home.”
"There is no military solution" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Iambic pentameter, it ain't. Michelle Malkin:
So this is the Democrat strategy for today: Heckle the general about Basra, allow outside hecklers to pile on.
Ed Morrisey:
About half-way through [Sen. John McCain's] nine-minute statement, demonstrators attempted to disrupt the hearing. As demonstrations go, it was a rather pathetic attempt and it lasted less than 30 seconds before the threat of arrest ended it.
What I can't understand is why these Code Pink types think their disruptive tactics accomplish anything for their "cause." Unless you're already part of the anti-war hard-core, the prostests are just annoying. It's like auditions for a political version of "American Idol" or something.

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