Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Will Kony surrender?

Joseph Kony, who for two decades has led a terror cult called the Lord's Resistance Army, is reportedly ready to sign a peace agreement:
The Chief mediator in the Kony peace talks, Dr Riek Machar said yesterday he had received assurances from the rebel negotiators that Joseph Kony will sign his part of the agreement on Thursday.
If the indicted rebel leader signs the peace deal at the assembly point in Ri-Kwangba on the Sudan-DR Congo border - it will be the first such step taken in ending the 21 year-old rebel insurgency in northern Uganda.
"The LRA delegation has assured me that Kony is in Ri-Kwangba and he is ready to sign the peace deal on Thursday," Dr Machar told Daily Monitor in Juba yesterday. "As mediators we have done everything that could be done to make sure the two sides agree to sign the final peace agreement. Let us wait and see what happens on Thursday."
Considering the massacres, kidnappings and rapes for which Kony is responsible -- he's been indicted by the International Criminal Court -- it's hard to believe he will simply sign a treaty and surrender. As Dr. Machar said, "Let us wait and see . . ."

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