Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dating, demographics & data

Lisa DePasquale says online dating services are using online data-mining to offer different ad pitches, based on whether the computer user is presumed to be male or female.

Male users over 30 get this:

Over 30 and single? Plenty of available succssful women at ThirtyPlusSingles.com . . .

Female users over 30 get this:

Over 30 and single? Hurry! You become old and alone much faster than you think. Meet someone now. . . .

Lisa is outraged. Clearly, this is unfair and insulting to women.

Being married, I don't have to worry about that dating stuff. Obviously, however, other online services are rigorously applying the science of demographic research, because whenever my wife logs on, she gets this pop up ad:

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