Tuesday, April 8, 2008

U.N. vs. Israel

Richard Falk has accused Israel of instigating a "holocaust" of Palestinians. Naturally, the United Nations Human Rights Council has appointed Falk as its Special Investigator of Israeli Actions. The Israelis are furious. And now Falk defends his claims:

Speaking to the BBC, Professor Richard Falk said he believed that up to now Israel had been successful in avoiding the criticism that it was due. . . .
Professor Falk said he drew the comparison between the treatment of Palestinians with the Nazi record of collective atrocity, because of what he described as the massive Israeli punishment directed at the entire population of Gaza.
He said he understood that it was a provocative thing to say, but at the time, last summer, he had wanted to shake the American public from its torpor.
Ed Morrisey comments:
Joseph Stalin talked about the need for useful idiots, and he had people like Falk in mind.
It's at times like this that I remember Alger Hiss's role in the founding of the U.N., and think that was not incidental.

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