Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Video: Palin on 'Today'

I watched this interview this morning and noted her disturbing deployment of the Hispanic vote excuse:

Via Allahpundit, who says:
If you think she’s going to jettison her position on amnesty now that she’s free of Team Maverick’s clutches, I think you’re kidding yourself.
We shall see. I am betting that Governor Palin hasn't spent much time chitchatting with Mark Krikorian about the blunt reality of immigration politics. Let's face it, Anchorage isn't being overrun by Mexicans wading across the Bering Straits. And it is thus easily possible that Palin hasn't really sat down to ponder the net-gain/net-loss electoral calculus that exposes the Tamar Jacoby/Wall Street Journal open-borders stance as political suicide for Republicans.

Sarah Palin could get plenty of Hispanic votes in 2012 without having to engage in amnesty pandering. And if she wants to engage in amnesty pandering, she might as well stay in Wasilla, because there is no shortage of Republicans like Mike Huckabee who'll compete for the open-borders sellout vote in the GOP primaries. Remember that Juan McAmnesty finished the primary campaign with just 47% of the vote. He "lost" the Republican primaries before he lost general election.


  1. I expect that Sarah will continue to technically support McSamnesty until the count in Steven's Senate race is final. That gives her until the Senate refuses to seat him plus 90 days to bury the current campaign rhetoric and go back to the snowshoe samba to win the special election.


  2. I think your comments on immigration betray a gross insensitivity to a wide range of decent, hard-working people. If your ideas of border security were enacted the entire leadership of the Republican party would have to pay full market wages to get their leaves raked and lawns mowed. Oh, the humanity.

  3. Did you sense restraining gloating on the part of Matt and Meredith? A little smug...

  4. whoa, didn't see that one coming from sarah.
    who, her? Ambitious? Political phony?
    Pandering hack?
    Wake up and smell the moose dung.

  5. First of all I love your blog.

    I am an American born and raised in Miami, my parents are Cuban Americans who immigrated in 59' and my father was at the Bay of Pigs and later worked for the "company" for 25 years in Latin America/Carribean.

    I rejected wholeheartedly the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill and I believe our first commitment is to secure the border.

    As we have seen historically, nations/empires with porous borders cease being nation states...

    I saw an interview of hers with Jorge "Che" Ramos, a local Univision Gucci Marxist who rails in favor of Mexicans but NEVER denounces the Mexican government or security forces for engendering the immigration.

    I do not favor amnesty nor does Palin and I believe we need to round up fast those 2 million felons on the loose...believe you me I have seen how the quality of life in Miami has deteriorated here, first hand.

    However, the fact remains that Hispanics are the largest minority and in New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, etc. went for Hussein, unfortunately.

    Even 35% of Cuban Americans, God forbid, voted for socialism and surrender to Raul and Chavez!!!

    As for the other appox. 10 million we need to document them, make them pay fines and then they must go back to their nations and wait in line, because millions of Brazilians, Argentines and Colombians who are NOT coming to live off the government dole have been denied even tourist visas in their host countries...

    I do consulting in Latin America/Carribean so I need this for a fact.

    It's not a black and white issue, we will never get a majority in that community but if we can diminish by 10 to 15 % the Dems inherent advantage, there is no doubt that will benefit the GOP.

    It will not be easy, I have no illusions but we need a comprehensive strategy, as well as holding host countries accountable, that have free trade with us. (not just Mexico, but the CAFTA countries too)