Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obvious question, obvious answer

Allahpundit asks:
Is McCain hanging Palin out to dry to distract attention from his own mistakes?
Duh. It is important for the punditocracy to believe that the Republican Party can nominate a candidate who supports amnesty, opposes tax cuts and despises evangelicals without suffering electoral disaster. A scapegoat is required to make that belief possible.


  1. Yeah, but the RINO and I know that the Yes vote on Steamerfest'08 (the bailout) was what killed him.

  2. Yes, he hung her out to dry. This is too late for him to have left it to give her genuine support.

  3. The dirty little secret that Republicans refuse to acknowledge is that Palin was made VP candidate in order to consolidate the bas AND sweep up disgruntled Clinton voters. Nailed the base.
    But she miserably failed at the other.
    She did what Obama could not do. She consolidated the Democratic party.
    Thanks Sarah!
    You're the gift that keeps on giving.
    Palin 2012!!!