Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Granholm, Bonior volunteer to help Obama destroy U.S. economy

Fools and villains, indeed:
Thanks to a state government long run by moonbats, the economy of Michigan is on life support. The vicious cycle of liberal policies suppressing the economy, making more people dependent on the government so that they will elect fools and villains to inflict more liberal policies, has produced a permanent recession that worsens with every passing year.
So naturally the Obama team has signed up these fools and villains to provide advice on how to impose the same condition on the rest of the country . . .
Bonior is described as "long an ally of organized labor" -- the main cause of the decline of our auto industry, which is taking Detroit and the rest of Michigan down with it. Granholm is a Berkeley-educated Canadian socialist who has responded to economic ruin by raising taxes while the state hands out free iPods.
It all makes perfect sense, if you don't object to our standard of living crashing through the floor. Why wouldn't the most liberal Senator want the country to look like its most liberal city?
Watching the U.S. economy go up in flames like an abandoned house in Detroit on Devil's Night should be amusing.

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  1. Isn't it the same state where Kwame Kilpatrick was mayor?