Monday, November 10, 2008

Attaboy, Douthat!

Defeat seems to have stirred one of my least-favorite Young Turks to finally aiming his Harvard-trained mind at liberals, proclaiming his "contempt" for Doug Kmeic. Certainly few voices in the '08 debate were more contemptible than Kmeic's, who allied himself with Soros-funded front groups and argued that pro-life Catholics should support Obama, who (a) ended up with 54% of Catholic votes and (b) is now poised to overturn the so-called "Mexico City rule" prohibiting U.S. funding of foreign abortion providers.

UPDATE: Douthat's mocking of last week's conservative leadership summit is neither funny nor insightful. And as to Douthat's allusion to Gary Hart vs. Walter Mondale in '84, Hart was George McGovern's former campaign manager, and McGovernism was more the problem than the solution for Democrats in the '80s. (As I well know, having been a Democrat who voted for Mondale in '84.) Besides which, Hart took himself out of the race with his "Monkey Business" affair. And Hart's erstwhile mistress, Donna Rice, married a Republican and became an anti-pornography activist. Which is to say: Try another analogy, Harvard boy.

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  1. 1. That's Kmiec, not Kmeic.

    2. Gary Hart's affair had nothing to do with his race against Walter Mondale. The Mondale-Hart primary race was in 1984, and Hart's affair was not revealed until 1987 when he was campaigning for the 1988 nomination.