Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soren Dayton on media

Via Instapundit, GOP New Media specialist notes the declining impact of Fox:
Talk radio and Fox addressed conservatives, but there didn’t seem to be many persuadable voters who were listening and watching. Several significant Drudge stories failed to get real traction outside of Fox. Meanwhile, Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo were able to regularly push fact-based stories into CNN, MSNBC, the networks, and newspapers. Sometimes, the effect was merely to flood the zone with enough questions that the McCain campaign and RNC was in full defensive mode.
The great conservative media success of 2004, the destruction of Dan Rather, was a story about the media getting something wrong. In 2008, the great liberal media success was not letting the right get a word in edgewise.
Which is to say that Democrats and affiliated organizations (e.g., Media Matters) succeeded in convincing the MSM that news favorable to Republicans (or unfavorable to Democrats) is not news. There are ways to fight this, but nobody at GOPHQ knows who to ask.


  1. as I have said before, the media is corporate owned, with a corporate agenda

    the media was all over Obama and every ridiculous attack was broadcast add nausea over every station

    you heard all about ayers, you heard all about his pastor, you did not hear about palin's pastor, you did not hear about the pastor McCain actually sought for an endorsement

    you did not hear about every palin church being "dispensationalists" not only looking forward to Armageddon but wanted to bring it to us themselves

    you did not here about McCain lying about his war record, you did not hear about McCain being a military moron getting tossed out of school but for his military father, you did not hear about him being fourth from the very bottom of his class

    you did not hear about him crashing five planes, (no, there was no excuse for any of them) and you did not hear that anyone else would have been grounded after the first crash.

    you did not hear about palin's husband who does not even want to be an American, you did not hear about palin welcoming organizations who's founders were public anti American terrorists.

    you did not hear about palin making believe she would make her health records public and then not doing it, you did not hear about McCain's serious episodes of cancer.

    you do not even realize you are being gamed by the media when they tell you "watch out for the liberal media", you have never heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing, a trick that works on sheep and morons.

    the media is corporate owned, they have a corporate agenda


    if a republican lies to you it is NOT "liberal" to call his lie

    there is not balance when you are talking about facts, there are facts, they do not get "balanced"

    for every "liberal bias" you THINK you can demonstrate I will show you LEGIONS of corporate bias that demonstrates the reverse

    the media has not been "liberal" since the fairness doctrine was repealed, funny thing about allowing equal time for the oposite point of view being liberal, facts do happen to have a "liberal bias" so I understand the concervatives fear of it

    here's what you need to understand;

    the media has now consolidated, where once it was owned by a host of differant individuals and corporations, now all of mainsteam media is owned by 5 entities

    that's right, 5

    you think you are getting facts?

    don't be rediculous, youa re getting murdoch, you are getting the information corporations want you to have, you are their puppets and when they make believe the media is "liberal" even though you know as a fact they are corporate, you are the mariontte following their lead

    have fun, if you dare*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GWYE

  2. in case my previous post gets through, let's just look at tomorrow alone;

    as always, dominated by conservative guests:

    7 Appearances by Republican current elected officeholders
    3 Appearances by Democratic current elected officeholders.
    2 Appearances by Republican former elected officeholders.
    1 Appearance by a Bush Cabinet Secretary.
    T. Boone Pickens
    Ted Turner.

    booya, one "libral medai" let me tell you

    but go on believing corporate owned media when it actually convinces you they themselves are "libral"

    and party on

  3. Stacy:
    Would you say that Fox and talk radio are preaching to the choir? Obviously that is true, and I wonder if the audience has grown in size. Whenever I hear Rush, hannity et al brag about their numbers, it seems to be about the same. If so, they aren't reaching a lot of new people then. Then there is Drudge...