Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Future of Conservatism' -- NOT

National Review has chosen David Brooks (!) to lead a panel next week on "The Future of Conservatism." Why not just go ahead invite Rahm Emanuel to run the panel?

Idiots . . . .


  1. National Review is in real trouble. The quality of the writing in the magazine edition has declined and so has the traditional conservatism. Lowry has been a disaster as editor and Ponnuru is, to quote David Brooks, a cancer.

    They do feature Steyn on the back page, however...

  2. Didn't Christopher Buckley vote for Obama? I know he resigned, but...

  3. Ahhh, the sound of the ghosts of old conservatism.
    Pack your bags folks:
    You're being replaced by 21st century Conservatism...

  4. David Brooks is dysentery of the Republican Party.

  5. "David Brooks is dysentery of the Republican Party."

    I'd rather be called a cancer. Yikes.