Friday, November 14, 2008

Foreign crime, American streets

Thank you, San Francisco Democrats:
A teenager accused of stabbing a 14-year-old boy to death in a gang-motivated attack had been given sanctuary from deportation under San Francisco's previous practice of shielding young illegal immigrant felons from federal authorities, records show.
Rony Aguilera, 17, known as "Guerrillero," has been charged as an adult in the July 31 sword attack in the Excelsior neighborhood that killed Ivan Miranda, who police say was an innocent victim caught up in an act of gang vengeance. Authorities believe Aguilera is an illegal immigrant from Honduras, but he was never referred to federal officials after being arrested last year in an assault case, according to records reviewed by The Chronicle.
Aguilera is the second person this year to be charged with murder in San Francisco after having been protected from possible deportation under city officials' now-discarded interpretation of a sanctuary ordinance that barred agencies from cooperating with federal efforts to round up illegal immigrants.
In June, Edwin Ramos, now 22, an alleged illegal immigrant from El Salvador who compiled a record of gang-related crimes as a juvenile, was accused of fatally shooting Anthony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, in their car in the Excelsior.
Police believe that, like Ramos, Aguilera is a member of the MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) gang. . . .
San Francisco juvenile authorities had long ordered their probation officers not to consider defendants' immigration status, under the Juvenile Probation Department's interpretation that such a move would violate the sanctuary city law.
As a result, Aguilera was not referred to federal immigration officials.
Instead, a juvenile court judge decided that he would live with his parents in Houston while being informally monitored from San Francisco, according to authorities with knowledge of the case.
It's very important that rich Democrats in San Francisco have illegal aliens to do their housework, and if the housekeeper's kids are out gang-banging in the streets while Maria is dusting the antiques, well ... that's just the price you pay for social justice, eh?

These immigrant gangbangers are killing people American gangbangers won't kill.


  1. Just another reason why decent people don't go to places like California, Chicago, New York, or DC.

  2. Didn't Nicholson's Joker say something like that in Batman?

    "Decent people shouldn't live here. They'd be happier someplace else."

  3. Nicholson's Joker also said, "This town needs an enema." Sounds like that's what San Fran can use right about now.
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