Friday, October 24, 2008

A rant remembered

Back in January, following the Florida primary, I uncorked a fusillade against the GOP Establishment's effort to shove Crazy Cousin John down the throats of an unwilling base:
Crazy Cousin John is to the conservative cause as a dog is to a fire hydrant. . . .
The GOP Establishment, attempting its patented "Harriet Miers Move," is trying to tell conservatives that we have no choice in the matter.
To which I proudly answer, "F--- You, GOP Establishment." . . .
Now, many of the same Establishment types who were reponsible for imposing the McCain campaign on the GOP are trying to muddy the water in an attempt to blame others for their own miscalculation. Hard-core McCainiac Tom Ridge, for one, and various anonymous McCain staffers, as well.


  1. Another theory: RomneyBackers...

  2. Does it need to be said? The race would be very different were Tom Ridge the VP pick. McCain would be 30+ points down!