Monday, October 20, 2008

The final nail

UPDATE 10/21: McCain campaign denies it is pulling out of Colorado. My apologies for being deceived by CNN.

PREVIOUSLY: On Oct. 2, when Team Maverick pulled out of Michigan, I said it was over -- and all I got was a lot of angry denunciations from the True Believers. Now comes this headline from CNN:
McCain camp looking for way to win without Colorado
Do the math, people: Maverick's down by 5 points in Colorado, a state that Bush won by 5. So, according to CNN, now the brain trust is trying to figure out how to win (wait for it) Pennsylvania, a state Bush lost by 2, and where Maverick now trails by 12.

Pining for the fjords . . .

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  1. While they may be looking for a way out of Colorado, I saw Sarah light up a crowd of about 22,000 people in Colorado this morning. Either CNN was just mistaken or perhaps lying to suppress the vote, but I heard her myself this morning on cable. Maybe they will abandon CO, but Sarah was turning up the heat there today...and putting it to Joe the Senator in a hugely effective and amusing manner. Good grief, what a scrooge you can be. Where there is life, there is least a little.