Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Brother vs. Joe the Plumber

Did Obamaphile officials in Ohio assist in smearing Joe Wurzelbacher?
Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher's driver's license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.
Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.
It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver's license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.
If Joe Wurzelbacher were an anti-war activist, and his driving records were accessed by Republicans, you can bet the Left would be screaming "fascism." All Joe did was to ask Obama some questions when Obama was canvassing in Joe's neighborhood, and for that effrontery, he was smeared nationwide.

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