Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin goes 'rogue'?

BUMPED (UPDATES BELOW): And not a moment too soon:
Four Republicans close to Palin said she has decided increasingly to disregard the advice of the former Bush aides tasked to handle her, creating occasionally tense situations as she travels the country with them. Those Palin supporters, inside the campaign and out, said Palin blames her handlers for a botched rollout and a tarnished public image — even as others in McCain's camp blame the pick of the relatively inexperienced Alaska governor, and her public performance, for McCain's decline. "She's lost confidence in most of the people on the plane," said a senior Republican who speaks to Palin, referring to her campaign jet. He said Palin had begun to "go rogue" in some of her public pronouncements and decisions.
I said early and often that the Palin rollout -- with the McCain campaign going out of its way to keep Palin away from the media -- was mishandled:
If she can't handle a press conference, how can you argue she's ready to be vice president? This fear-based, defensive, curl-up-inside-your-shell posture toward the press is killing the GOP. It's insane: Treat the press like the enemy and then complain about media bias. Oh, I wish Tony Snow were still alive to explain to these "senior campaign officials" why this approach doesn't work.
If nothing else has been gained in this campaign, at least the "Tucker Bounds School" of Republican media strategy has been exposed as the wrongheaded nonsense it is.

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UPDATE: A professional Republican Party operative strikes back against the candidate:
Palin spokesperson, Tracey Schmitt responded to the article, "Unnamed sources with their own agenda will say what they want, but from Governor Palin down we have one agenda, and that's to win on Election Day."
Professional political operatives -- the GOP's hired help -- think of themselves as more important than the candidates themselves, and infinitely more important than the voters. The Republican Party, you see, has been captured by its own bureaucracy. This top-down approach to politics is why rank-and-file conservatives feel so disempowered.

UPDATE II: CNN adds more:
A second McCain source says [Palin] appears to be looking out for herself more than the McCain campaign. . . .
"She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone," said this McCain adviser. "She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else.
The Politico reported Saturday on Palin's frustration, specifically with McCain advisers Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt. They helped decide to limit Palin's initial press contact to high-profile interviews with Charlie Gibson of ABC and Katie Couric of CBS, which all McCain sources admit were highly damaging.
In response, Wallace e-mailed CNN the same quote she gave the Politico: "If people want to throw me under the bus, my personal belief is that the most honorable thing to do is to lie there."
Oh, yeah, Nicolle Devenish Wallace, who thinks that candidates don't need to talk to reporters:

Another Republican media operative who -- so far as I can tell from her biography -- has never worked a day as a reporter.


  1. I'm too sure that "those close to Palin" really would say the comments the autrhor said. no names were given and I got a kick out of the author saying "the Bush Aides", attempting to once again try to make the link of Bush with McCain. These liberal writers make no bones telling story's without having sourses to back them, and slander people in a way that would even embarrass Star magazine and the Nationer Inquirer.

  2. Sarah Palin is an accomplished politician and leader, she has an 80% approval rating among her constituents, Fluffy Fucking Kittens don't get 80% approval. She speaks well and fluently and has an ability to speak hard truths in an honest, sincere way that doesn't hurt feelings. This is GOLD.

    So now, Palin distrusts the advice of the people who set her up to look like a fool. Fancy that. A bunch of back-stage "handlers" feel she has stopped treating them like gurus. Her instincts, in a fog at 4AM are better than their best with a week of electoral micro-demographic spreadsheets. They cannot even comprehend why she is bigger than anything they've seen since Reagan, but believe they should call the shots. These guys need to adapt.

    I'm sure this all is somewhat over-reported, but at the same time, don't doubt there's entirely too much truth to it.

  3. Unlike Anonymous, I can completely believe that Sarah is striking out on her own. And, I say... It's about freaking time. I'm not saying I'd ever actually vote her into the White House under any circumstances, but I think she does best when she's allowed to voice her own thoughts and opinions. The McCain campaign, in their ongoing quest to win the FAIL award of the year, took what was a white hot asset to their campaign and then tried to force her to be something she isn't. She cannot do 'talking points', but she can express what she feels is important for the country to do and she can connect with people and make them feel like she knows what's going on in their lives.

    Like I said, I'd never actually vote for her (too right-wing for me), but if I were her, I sure wouldn't be putting my political future in the hands of dullards like Schmidt and Tucker Bounds.

  4. The rocket scientists running the McCain campaign really shouldn't criticize Palin. They have passed up incredibly useful weapons against The One - Wright, Ayers, FM/FM, etc. - Maverick McAmnesty can lose with honor. I'm looking at Dole V 2.0.

    They should STFU: Palin has been carrying him.

    President, Restraining Order Wing of the Sela Ward Fan Club

  5. What was all that about mavericks if they are trying to keep half the team out of it? As much as I do not care for Palin, that she was asked in, she should be allowed to do what she does.

    She has been hit by the left and the right, and many of us conservatives. Still, I would like to think some of us who are against her, and fairly (she is a feminist), at least have played fair.

    This back room back-stabbing my McCain's and the Republican's people is just as bad, perhaps worse, than any other attacks. Worse because it is "friendly-fire", but on purpose.

    I am so glad I wrote this election cycle off. McCain and the Republicans have shown, over and over, that they are not my party now. I still hope McCain wins, but neither can I vote for him, nor can I even really like him... or his.

  6. Right--- aides that never even knew who the Governor of Alaska was. MEDIA--Start giving the facts to Americans becasue we are sick of seeing the economy die when you did NOTHING to tell us the real story. Wake up Katie Couric and Brian Williams--We are sick of your political spin to see Barack elected while every American citizen is struggling becasue of your deceptive reporting.