Tuesday, October 21, 2008

David Frum on 'terrible' presidents

The former Bush speechwriter speaks:
"The people who defend [Sarah Palin] have already given up any serious thought of Republicans' wielding governmental power anytime soon. . . . They have already moved to a position of pure cultural symbolic opposition to a new majority. The people who criticize her do so because we have some hope that we could be in contention in 2012, and there's some risk that she could be the party's nominee, and she'd probably lose -- and even if by some miracle she won, she'd be a terrible president."
For the record, David Frum spent several months as a "senior policy adviser" to Rudy Giuliani's GOP primary campaign, which finished with 597,518 votes. -- i.e., 4,102,270 votes fewer than Mitt Romney, 3,678,528 votes fewer than Mike Huckabee, and 562,885 fewer votes than Ron Paul.

Frum's ability to pick winning presidential candidates is not self-evident. As to his ability to determine exactly who would "be a terrible president" . . .

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  1. Frum spent a good deal of ink deriding and badmouthing P J Buchanan back in '92.

    At that time, IIRC, he was a Bushman hack.