Monday, October 20, 2008

Barack Mugabe?

Michelle Malkin uses the plight of Zimbabwe as an analogy for Barack Obama's "spread the wealth around" philosophy. Naturally, this induces accusations of racism from the liberal blogger Oliver Willis.

The only way to avoid accusations of racism in this election is either to (a) praise Obama or (b) say nothing at all. And the biggest undertow against Obama's otherwise inevitable election is the suspicion of some voters that an Obama presidency would mean four years of such hysterical finger-pointing: "Look! That guy said something bad about Obama! Racist! Racist!"

At least Oliver Willis is black. I don't so much mind when a black person says, "Hey, that's racist." If a man says he feels insulted, who am I to say how he should feel? What bothers me is these self-righteous white liberals parading around their fine-tuned racial sensitivity as if sensitivity were a moral virtue: Thou shalt kowtow to PC shibboleths.

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  1. I lived in Zimbabwe and couoldn't agree more. Why not call on all those very rich celebrities that support Obama to spread their wealth around and see them back track very quickly!