Friday, October 24, 2008

How to get Oscar buzz

Hold up a mirror to Academy voters:

Even if it were no good as a family-relationship drama . . .RACHEL GETTING MARRIED works as a completely-unintentional parody of Connecticut Upper-Crust Secular Multicultural Awareness. I began mentally ticking things off: there are four "parents" on Rachel's side of the family (the side the film focuses on); the marriage is inter-racial and this is never even alluded to in any form; every ethnic group is represented in this World’s Fair by Benneton wedding guest list (I had to stifle a giggle at the entry of the Latin America Booth in the form of samba-dancers dressed for Rio Carnival week and a short dumpy woman in Andean Indian garb); the bride announces she is pregnant during the weekend, and this results in unmitigated celebration; their religion is "Religion": the wedding cake was decorated by Hindu elephants, the wedding outfits are Indian-style, the walls are decorated by Christian-looking icons but done in the Hindu style, and Kym (the film's central character, played by Anne Hathaway) toasts "L'Chaim"; the marriage is not in a church or by any sort of minister and the couple wrote their own vows; they live in Stamford in a multi-storey home on a lot big enough to pitch a wedding tent in the yard; Kym drives an old-model Mercedes; rehab, psychology PhD’s, smoking-Nazism and [having sex with] someone the day you meet him are all considered unremarkable.

It's The Birdcage for heteros, in other words. Anything is acceptable, except being normal. Be part of the herd of radical individualists.


  1. >radical individualists a country that is one giant CardCheck union, that is.

  2. that guy you linked to though, a supposed rightwinger, he thought it was a great film and has it in top 4 for year