Friday, October 24, 2008

Ironic note of the day

McCain campaign aides are accusing Sarah Palin of not being a "team player":
This faction has come to believe that Palin, perhaps unwittingly subconsciously or otherwise, has begun to play Sen. McCain off of the base, consistently and deliberately departed from the campaign's message of the day in ways that damage McCain. . . .
The complaints extend all the back to Palin's vice presidential vetting. Major disclosures, issue positions and associations did not come up, and the campaign was so overwhelmed with new information early on, it largely abandoned an effort to defend them individually.
Ironic, eh? Supporters of John McCain -- who just a few years ago reportedly considered switching to the Democratic Party, who wanted to name Joe Lieberman as his running mate, who wanted to fire SEC Chairman Chris Cox and replace him with Andrew Cuomo -- accuse Sarah Palin of disloyalty.

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