Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama: $150 million in September

The Obama campaign announced this morning that it had raised a record $150 million last month, and had added 632,000 new donors to its total.
The amount shattered the campaign’s previous record from August. The McCain campaign also had a record-breaking month in August, but is now operating with the $84 million provided by public financing for the general cycle and assistance from the Republican National Committee under certain limits.
In a single month, then, Obama collects nearly twice what the McCain campaign collected in matching funds.

According to the New York Times, the Obama campaign has spent $145 million on TV advertising to McCain's $90 million -- a $55 million advantage for the Democrat.


  1. I think it is official. The public financing of elections is dead. People can thank Obama for that.

  2. The question becomes whether or not we can buy elections in the US, and you know the slogan.