Saturday, October 25, 2008

Behind the Ashley Todd hoax

Over at the American Spectator blog, I've got a brief report based on an interview with a source who couldn't speak for attribution:
There was "never any inkling" that Todd was dishonest or emotionally unstable, the source explained in a telephone interview. Todd reportedly told police that she has had prior mental health issues, but nobody at College Republicans -- for whom Todd was one of about 50 volunteers working in this year's campaign -- was aware of that background.
Nor were College Republicans aware that Todd had been kicked out of a Ron Paul group in Texas. I'm thinking that would have been a deal-breaker because -- let's be honest -- if you're too crazy for the Paulistas, you're just too damned crazy.

1 comment:

  1. Why were so-called conservatives speading this story?

    It was obviously false, from the get go.

    Besides racism, what reason could there be to spread this hoax?

    Talk radio and many
    so-called conservatives
    disgraced themselves.

    Even if it had been true,
    it would have nothing
    to do with Obama.

    So why spread it? Why
    prey on racist unreason?

    Conservatives will have to do some soul searching
    after the election.