Monday, June 1, 2009

Remember all those liberals
lecturing us about 'civility'?
RE-BUMPED: The latest

(BUMPED 7:15 EDT; RE-BUMPED 8:24; UPDATES BELOW) After I linked pro-lifer Becky Brindle, she got some interesting comments from such progressive exemplars of peace, love and tolerance as "Maine Cat Woman":
Using Fox News as a mouthpiece and allowing a major media figure like O'Reilly to continually profile an abortion provider as bloodthirsty as Caligula means you are all have as much blood on your hands as the actual terrorists who pulled the trigger. Sorry, we really don't want to hear any of your cynical, self-serving "regrets." Conservatism: the party of illegal war, torture and murder. Congratulations. Hope you are really proud of yourselves. Go to hell, murderer.
Thank you, our moral superior! "Maine Cat Woman's" blog is called Bill Kristol's Brain. And Becky Brindle's blog is called . . . uh, Take a look at both sites and ask yourself which one might aptly be described as "People With Minds That Hate."

UPDATE: Speaking of "people with minds that hate," NTCNews chronicles the latest wretchedness. Remind me of this the next time someone calls me a misognynist . . .

UPDATE 8:24 EDT: Ed Morrissey:
Playboy has pulled the article, with no explanation, Allahpundit reported on Twitter. I think we know the reason, though.
And the latest via Allah's Twitter:
@AmandaCarpenter Playboy thought they'd get away with it bc they didn't realize they'd targeted bloggers, who talk back. Simple as that
Yep. BTW, I'm on Twitter. Not all the time, like some people, but I'm on there. And as for Playboy, don't believe any guy who says he only reads it for the articles . . . Rule 5, anyone?


  1. Why are these people using the term terrorism? I thought Tiller died of a man-made disaster.

  2. Perhaps Tiller was simply a very late-term abortion. He didn't choose this but then, most late-term abortion victims do not.

  3. It is perfectly acceptable to hate neocons, especially Bill Kristol. Much like abortion doctors, neocons are facilitators of death and destruction on a massive scale.

  4. I have been in an awful mood ever since I read about this story, just thinking about what that stupid S.O.B. who killed Tiller did to the pro-life cause, and the fact that he was murdered in a Lutheran church.

  5. I sincerely hope that was sarcasm...

    But even if Bill Kristol was the monster you make him out to be, you neglect to make the distinction between "facilitators" and "perpertrators"

  6. Left = baby killing hypocrites.

  7. RS,

    The Left always needs an Emmanuel Goldstein -- they've been using the Right for target practice since Hoover.

    Why not demonize say pelosi for her anti-CIA remarks or Senator Reid for his anti-military remarks (which led to a shooter to kill an army recuiter in Little Rock?

    Or heck, look how President Obama's favorite Blogger (TM), Andrew Sullivan, demonizes the Jews, and Israel:

  8. Doom said:

    Is anyone starting up a defense fund for this hero? Seriously.

    As for all the gnashing of teeth and wailing, let them save it for hell. Hell hath no fury like God when his bad children kill babies and his "good" children address evil by condemning the ending of evil and apologizing for righteousness. Cain was spared, I think as a singular example. Many of the others have been smitten, slain, and a few other gnarly things.

  9. Doom said "Hell hath no fury like God when his bad children kill babies and his "good" children address evil by condemning the ending of evil and apologizing for righteousness."

    To carry out an assassination in the name of the sanctity of human life in God's house is anything but righteous.

  10. God has commanded death, many times. That he has been publicly recently quiet on the issue is because of what Christ said during His trial. Something about this not being His kingdom, for if it was, His people would be fighting toward Him as they spoke (according to you, would they be using non-lethal forces? Silly.) That one man fought his way to Christ's favored, the children, means that one man knew and was called. As well, He said, what you do to the least of these you do also to Me.

    It was not an assassination if he did it selflessly. And, no, I am not suggesting he doesn't pay a price. I just want to make sure he pays the correct price. Though I would love to see him skate. A little correction to justice that might truly send shivers of fear in the right places.

    I think the ones who stand around and do nothing but talk, as if they were discussing the weather, while millions are murdered a year is absolutely absurd. He is a good man, if his intent was to end an evil.

    Life is not so precious that we should tolerate Stalins, Hitlers, or that evil dead man. Good deed done and it is about time people hear the truth.

  11. "He is a good man, if his intent was to end an evil."

    And what if the consequences of his action result in even more evil? We are prohibited from using evil means to achieve good ends.

  12. The Activist Conservative Blog has screenshots of the whole thing:

  13. Surrendering to evil for the fear of more evil is just more evil. But I guess a people hooked on java, stuck in an electronically entertaining world, and free of any real social, moral, ethical, or religious constraints would not understand that as long as electricity keeps flowing.

    That wouldn't have anything to do with a socialist thief in chief, bailouts burgeoning through to state enforced poverty, 35,000 people gone missing in California a year, or thuggish behavior being more typical than kind and considered action.

    That extreme measures are even considered, if far too rarely, only says that people are resigned to living in an awful state of disgrace. I thought I had gone insane, until I realized it truly is the world.

    Hold on to your life, if you will. Cling to your gold, safety, and vices. Be nice. Go out on a limb for no one except your own (as even animals will do). It is all you will ever have. None of it will go with you past this life.

    If what you want is to be good and nice, you are already undone. Christ was one, not the latter. From chasing the money changers out of His Father's temple, to suggesting if you have a cloak but no sword that you should sell your cloak and buy a sword, to telling the young rich man to sell all his goods and come follow him, to chastising his own for falling asleep while Christ prayed for another way as well as other times they failed, Christ was not nice.

    Beyond, and again, when he comes again, it will not be in peace. I only tell you these things for your own good. Sit on that fence and you will be lost. I would rather be martyred for saying my mind than to lose my soul. Don't say you haven't been warned.

  14. There was no sarcasm on my part. Neocons are monsters (as I write this, David Brooks is staring at me from the right side-bar). It is through their influence, both in the political realm and media realm, that they were able to sell the invasion of Iraq and the escalation in Afghanistan to the American public. Our meddling, thanks to these ghouls, has pushed Pakistan closer to the edge (Pakistan, may I remind you, has nuclear weapons). Furthermore, Neocons are amoral. Max Boot believes the government should have lied about Pat Tillman's death.

    The United States now has over four thousand dead soldiers, countless dead Iraqis and Afghanis, thousands more wounded soldiers--and for what? Iraq is falling apart. Afghanistan cannot be tamed. Those soldiers will have died for nothing. Those wounded soldiers will live with the excruciating reminders of failed foreign policy adventures.

    So many lives have been ruined because a bunch of fucking nerds wanted to change the world.

  15. What a creepy thread this has turned out to be.