Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video: Danica Patrick's beaver

It's not new. It ran during the Super Bowl. But my old blog buddy Joe Budzinski suggested in a comment that posting this video of Danica Patrick, the hottest chick on wheels, dressed in black leather -- and petting her beaver -- would help increase my traffic. And increasing traffic is the name of the game, so I might as well go ahead and post this video of Danica Patrick posing in a bikini for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition:

Even though Danica removes her bikini top during the video, she's posing with her back to the camera when she does it, so it wouldn't be fair to describe this as a "topless video of Danica Patrick," even if you were trying to get random Google traffic from guys looking for a topless video of Danica Patrick. I'm sure we'll debate this distinction the next time the Bloggers Ethics Committee convenes.


  1. Danica's a dyke.

    Go powder your nose, feminazi. Maybe it'll make a woman out of you.

  2. Nicely played, sir. May the search engine gods smile upon you.

  3. Search engine Gods also smile upon the word jailbait. Let's see if you can incorporate Ashley Dupree, Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis, soft-core porn, not hard-core porn, and Mile is not Britney Spears flashing again into a post. I predict high hits.