Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jenna Bush for Bob Barr?

Taking her comments to Larry King entirely out of context, both CNN and the Examiner suggest the blonde First Daughter won't vote for John McCain.

Be still, my beating heart! While I don't want to discourage any bloggers from wild speculation about a "Jenna-Chelsea double-team" (?!) I'm wondering if maybe the problem is that Crazy Cousin John isn't conservative enough for Jenna. Maybe she's thinking about supporting Bob Barr on the Libertarian ticket. Read Jenna's quote again:
I mean, who isn't open to learning about the candidates and I'm sure that everybody's like that.
See? She's got that libertarian open-minded thing going on, and it just so happens that Barr will be in D.C. Saturday for the White House Correspondents Dinner. (Too bad Heidi Montag couldn't make it.)

Jenna and Bob could have a little chat over their spring salads and petite filets, and she's certainly welcome to join us for cocktails afterwards. (Bob and I go way back. Did I say way back? I mean, way back.)

All kidding aside -- well, not all kidding, since I might be dangerous if I ever got too serious -- Jenna's always been my favorite Bush twin. She just seems very down-to-earth and fun-loving. Given the trend of each generation of Bushes getting a little more conservative than the last, I figure maybe Jenna's so conservative she can't stomach the open-borders policy supported by her Dad and Crazy Cousin John.

And need I remind you that, just like Jenna, Ron Paul is from Texas?

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  1. I have just watched that Bob Barr interview. I am afraid don't understand Libertarian Party's strategy: why don't they nominate someone who is truly libertarian?