Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Hillary history?

Ready to head off to Harrisburg, Pa., to cover a Hillary rally today, and I see this funny video:

(Via Hot Air.) I particularly like the part where Hillary time-travels back to 1865 and leads the Union army to defeat. Speaking of Lost Causes, I'm growing suspicious of the repeated claims that Hillary is already mathematically eliminated from the Democratic nomination. I was hearing this same argument when I covered Hillary in Pennsylvania a month ago.

The problem with the mathematical-elimination argument is that (a) Hillary doesn't seem the least bit interested in quitting, and (b) never underestimate the fiendish treachery of a Democratic convention delegate. If you don't think there will be Obama delegates in Denver willing to peddle their votes for Clinton cash, you are hopelessly naive:
"Excuse me, Jack Jones, obscure county commissioner from some backwater burg in Ohio? Listen, here's $5,000 up front, and there'll be another $10,000 once we get your vote on the convention floor. If Hillary wins this thing, buddy, we're going to get you that tourism bureau gig down in the U.S. Virgin Islands, OK?"
That kind of stuff happens, you know . . .

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  1. I would imagine that the negotiation would be more along these lines:
    "Hello (Mr./Ms./Gov.) Super Delegate. I'm from the Hillary Clinton campaign and I am here to talk to you about voting for my candidate. If you do I'm sure good things will come your way, on the other hand, it surely would be a shame if these (pictures, records, videos, etc.) had to find there way to (your spouse, the media, the Internet, etc.). Thank you for you attention.
    Have a Nice Day!"