Friday, July 17, 2009

Few Million Jolts Registered Already

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around has The Other McCain putting the heat on the two mega-hit mark. As PowerLine noted, "The Supreme Court, socialized medicine, cap and trade, record deficits, foreign policy fecklessness --it's easy to lose track of smaller issues with all that is going on. Which is among the motives for doing this weekly roundup: trying to have some kind of record of just WTF happened. To the links.

Support the conservative book-o-sphereshelfGreat Big Little Scandal Department
  • Jimmie linked to ToM's IG-Gate Reporting, as a tangent to the Chicago Way treatment afforded Senator Kyl.
  • Lead and Gold keeps it front and center.
  • Pat in Shreveport appreciates the old-school reporting going on. Mr. Smith, you see, thinks unprintable thoughts when he goes to Washington, so we're all better off funding Stacy for that sort of thing.
  • Obi's Sister, through straightforward use of the Force, can manage to use transparency and POTUS in the same post. Tough lady.
  • Bob Belvedere continues to offer substantial support to the effort.
    And we need to highlight an excellent bit of Photoshop work in this context, alluding to the movie "-30-", of which I'd never heard.
Irrespective of the degree to which they might deserve it, heaping abuse upon women brings no pleasure. But sometimes they abandon their non-combatant status by joining the punditocracy. Open mouth, emit junk, expect feedback.
Natural is better
Big Gubmint and the Healthcare Holding Company
You've been in a political coma if you haven't paid attention to the radical overhaul of health care currently under way on Crapitol Hill.Roesgenfreude
  • Mark in Pasedena seems to have come close to a twinge
    of sadness: CNN hack Susan Roesgen is about to join some of the 9.5% of Americans on the unemployment rolls.

  • Senatrix Boxer We were assuming a Rule 2 stance on this round of Her Babsaliciousness. What is it with being from California and being totally regrettable? Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi...

    Paradology and the Wise Latina Department
    Dan Collins' blog hit 'Wise Latina' earned us some hat tips.

    Another hat tip to the Knack was offered by the Dead Kennedy's in the chorus to Pull My Strings [NSFW]:

    • Donald Douglas linked the Knack clip.
    • Rightofcourse manages to think about Sototmayor and Tawny Kitaen in the same post. I blame our education system.
    • Sir Bob of Belvedere included us in a line up.

    Not Praising Judith Warner
    • The Daley Gator wants to know if it's NOAFW yet.
    • Dyspepsia Generation thinks Stacy has said it all.
    Praising Greenwald
    Has David Brooks been ridiculed sufficiently? Maybe not.
    • Fish Fear Me considers David Brooks to fall within the chum category.
    • If you missed Carol's Brooks/Airplane photoshop, let me point you back to it.
    • Dyspepsia Generation has a brutal theory. Ow.
    • Below the Beltway suggests: Grope-gate.

    A Bit Further BackThe Hunting of the Chevy-gayt[1]
    In defense of the pun, the medieval English is far more intelligible than the legislation emitted by the 111th Congress.
    • The Daley Gator picked us up in fine style. The details of the cruising to be kept completely off-line.
    • The Mean Ol' Meany, hamstrung by the economy and a failure to call Miss Utility, could only afford HOMO-marketing.
    • Knappster, tragically out of bubble gum, wonders about the frequency of gay posts. I got nothin', interest or otherwise, sorry.
    Miscellaneous Shouts:
    • Mike Laroche gives us a shout and announces he's blogging at the Humor Institute. The graphic seems a vague allusion to Obamacare, but my interpretation may be that of an "un-wise Porch Manqué". If you like that, there is also The Conservatives who say fsck, for your Tourette's-specifc needs.
    • Jimmie took my Crittenden cue and showed the front of the Sundries Shack. He also seems to operate under the misapprehension that Congress can be made to participate in the health care plan they foist upon the citizenry. I reply: "Hah!"
    • Scott over at the Patriot Room liked the last Rule 5 post, and did a fine roundup of his own.
    • Obi's Sister picked up the Peggy Noonan commentary.
    • If you send it then Trog will link it, which netted a couple links for us.
    • Outstanding Instapundit linkage on outstanding issues.
    • Lead and Gold's take on Peggy Noonan has an interesting book review exerpt.
    • Jeffords included us in a 10 Favorite Blogs roundup. This idea looks quite thuggable.
    • A golf clap to The Blogprof for 2001 posts since January.
    • Another Black Conservative links us while bemoaning the disconnect between Conservativism and the Republican Party.
    • TCotS liked the Green Room post on lefty economics. Belvedere linked us and Jimmie in wondering about Levi Johnston's long-term health picture.
    This FMJRA comes to you from Florence, Oregon. Possibly less known than its Italian counterpart, but a relaxing place, nonetheless. Mail cheers, jeers, and cheesecake for tomorrow's Rule 5 post to Smitty. And hit the tip jar, which improves my table scraps.

    [1] I expect a flogging for that.


    1. "And hit the tip jar, which improves my table scraps."

      Giver this guy a raise, McCain!

    2. Thanks for the link, Smitty! Moxie and I are still making a few tweaks and revisions to The Humor Institute, but things are coming together.