Monday, July 13, 2009

'The Rule 5 Community'?

In celebrating our Sunday babe-blogging ritual, Classical Liberal coins that phrase.

"Community" has a certain flavor of identity politics, suggestive of protest marches and the mau-mau routine, mindless chants led by some demagogic huckster with a bullhorn who insists on being addressed as The Reverend: "No Justice, No Peace!"

Are the Rev. Smitty and I "community organizers"? Do we need some slogans or chants? Our own Judge Sotomayor, to represent the "diversity" of the babe-blogging community?

Or, like the "issues" raised by the demagogic hucksters, is this all merely a shameless pretext to post a photo of Jeff Goldblum's 21-year-old girlfriend, Tania Raymonde?


UPDATE: A card-carrying member of the Rule 5 community, Donald Douglas notes that the "Classy Mommy" blog gets its own New York Times feature based on "60,000 unique visitors every month."

Considering my monthly SiteMeter total hasn't gone below 115,000 since January, I ought to feel outraged. But what about Ace of Spades, whose monthly SiteMeter number is usually about 2 million? Where's the New York Times feature about the hobo-hating Ewok and his merry band of morons?

Nevertheless, despite my resentment at this injustice, I'll offer some useful advice to the Classy Mommy bloggers: Change the name to "Classy Mommy Nude."

You don't actually have to provide nudity. It's just what they call "search engine maximization." Traffic is traffic. Hits is hits. Which is why I'm thinking of changing my blog name to "Lindsay Lohan Topless." Also, dibs on "Selena Gomez Jailbait."


  1. Well, Rev.'ve already preached/written the Good News...


  2. Can we get her some shampoo and conditioner?

  3. Oh man ... that thought never even crossed my mind. Now that I think about it though, it is funny!

    I'm so old school, I still think community is like your neighborhood, family, friends ...

    Anyways, where's the next sit-in, Rev.? I just bought a new bullhorn I'd like to try out.

  4. Can we get her some shampoo and conditioner?

    Picky, picky, picky. No wonder you don't have a 21-year-old girlfriend!


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    Also quoted from your posting over at HOT AIR [A Liberal Lecture on Economics (and Why It Won’t Work)] and would have left a comment there but the $%@&!# Word Press login over there never excepts my damn WP User Name.

  6. It's very odd that she looks quite a lot like Jeff Goldblum. Are we certain she isn't his daughter?

  7. I misread that as "Jeff Goldstein's 21-year-old girlfriend" and immediately felt bad for JG's wife and kid.

    pw: hordhol

  8. Wombat, Smitty had the same reaction. Just for the record:

    -- Jeff Goldblum, star of "The Fly" and "Jurassic Park," ex-husband of Geena Davis, now dating the 21-year-old former star of "Malcolm in the Middle."

    -- Jeff Goldstein, Protein Wisdom blogger, scholar of linguistics and semioticss, not known to shagged either Geena Davis or Tania Raymonde (although if he had, it would be their best evah).

  9. Yeah, well, my Sitemeter is closing on on 10,000, so watch your back,buddy...

  10. This is why reading comprehension is so important, kids.