Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dr. Douglas, they look like fakies to me

Breanne Ashley's breasts, I mean. Given the size, even if she is only 21, the gravity-defying spherical quality is an absolute giveaway.

I've been neglecting the Professor, I suppose. Neglecting too much of everything recently, what with the IG story, e-mail inbox overload and so forth.

BTW, we're closing in on the 2-million hit mark and look poised to cross that threshold on Rule 5 Sunday -- appropriately enough. So now we're open to suggestions on how to celebrate this momentous occasion, in addition to the forthcoming soon-to-be classic, "How to Get Your Second Million Hits in Less Than Six Months."

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Although I always thought Professor Reynolds was more of a leg man (you should see the stems on Dr. Helen) if it's major rackage he wants, it's major rackage he'll get. The biggest Republican boob -- evah!

And since we're discussing McCains who love gay men (an unrequited love, in Cousin Meghan's case), next time you see somebody driving a Ford, you should ask them, "Why do hate gays so much?"


  1. Well...

    You could pop open a nice bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label and light up a Padron 1926 Anniversary...


    You could don a pair of speedos, grab some pots and pans--and run around the house banging them together yelling "OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA!!!"

  2. Linked to at:
    with a little extra RULE 5 thrown in.


  3. I have no doubt that RSM is correct about the quality of Dr Helen's stemware, but as the Farkers say, this thread (or this part of it, anyway) is useless without pictures.

  4. My question is, "What is it with belly button rings or inserts or whatever the hell it is all young women seem to be poking into their belly buttons?"

  5. Oh, come on. That girl looks almost exactly like my old high school girlfriend, and she was only 16 at the time...