Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Welcome to Rule 5 Sunday, a pleasant roundup of loveliness from all over the tubey-clouds.
  • Now, when when you hear the words "fiction" and "science", your first association might by "Al Gore". Back in the day, though, we did have the likes of Erin Gray. Good times.
  • The Daley Gator has some YouTube content with Bar Refaeli that is probably NSFW, to judge by the cheeky still. I can honestly say I havne't followed the link, in the name of preserving my remaining three shreds of my credibility. Two.
  • The Classical Liberal classically blended flags with a liberal dose of bikini. The Parthian shot alludes to the CSA Battle Flag. Now, what could that choice possibly mean? Bikini? Coded message? I question the timing! Then he posts an Ali Larter review on Saturday. I fear he is taking over the Stacy-McCain-o-sphere.
  • The Patriot Room, always willing to Go Where Lesser Men Fear To Tread, has something of PETA "expose", if you will. For the rest of us, proxy courage will have to do. As a diplomatic gesture towards PETA, we'll throw in a link to a pair of primate ballerinas. This is actually an excuse to wonder out loud if this pair symbolizes US foreign policy, at a high enough level of abstraction. Discuss.
  • Dustbury: we don't need no stinkin' GPS. And then he confesses to a Melanie Chartoff crush.
  • Fishersville Mike thinks Sarah Palin recalls Shania Twain.
  • Donald Douglas investigates the political science aspects of women on full-auto. He also introduces Anna Faris, in all her lovliness.
  • Morgan Freeberg apparently had to "move something" recently.
  • Bob's Bar and Grill, which we had feared a victim of the cratered economy, is open for business and admonishes us all to "appreciate the balance and aesthetics (assthetics) of the photograph."
  • Esquire has a roundup of 54 jokes from beautiful women. Favorite joke: #42. Favorite lady: why?
  • Joyce DeWitt looks slightly the worse for wear after the Troglo-treatment. But he throws in some of Joan Jett-sans-guitar pics of her as compensation. His Trogularity made up for all this with a patriotic roundup. He also posted a picture of Miss Wisconsin, including her name. Plus a Weisz and Shue meditation.
  • Three Beers Later has an investigation into Comparative Scandalography as well as an Iranian protestor. Finally, a Brandi Chastain clip, and a wry comment.
  • Kottke has a clip about Anna Wintour making the September issue of Vogue "An apt demonstration that an editor/curator's main job is saying no to almost everything." Porch Manqué recommendation: make this woman the Speaker of the House. Yesterday. No, make that last January.
  • Lisa Hannigan, courtesy of Chicago Boyz is exactly what we're talking about. Contrast her authenticity with the complete lack thereof in Anna Wintour:

  • Jeffords manages to raise a question powerful enough to over-ride our standing "No Britney Rule".
  • Chad at KURU's naval architecture studies have him looking for buoyancy in strange places.
  • The Paco delivery truck just came by and delivered yet another crucial supply of retro classiness.
  • Chris in NJ has some LBI liberation.
  • Teach at the Pirate's Cove has a birthday pinup.
  • Bob at The Camp of the Saints sends Ava Gardner to, you know, rough Paco up a bit around the edges. This blog hopes to fuel a positively dame-a-licious blog noir war.
  • Attention all of you Megan Fox fans out there, Deuce at the Skepticrats has done something, really, really edgy. This blog just links, and takes no responsibility for the side effects. Responsibility is sooo last administration, don't you know.
  • Sparing this post from being a total estrogen-fest, Carol presents Hugh O’Brian.
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Love, peace, and hair grease.


  1. Mea culpa. I completely forgot the No Britney Rule. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me.

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