Friday, July 17, 2009

Amtrak IG: Background

Over at the American Spectator, some important background on the inspector general's office at Amtrak, and more. These are just more dots. Exactly how they connect, I'm not sure. But people on Capitol Hill are asking questions about these things.

UPDATE: OK, I'll be off the grid the rest of the day. On my way to Capitol Hill again today for more shoe-leather work. Hit the tip jar. Things are getting very interesting -- Unwelcome Distractions and the Plot Still Thickening.

BTW, tonight at 6 p.m. is Taco Night at the National Press Club, hosted by investigative reporter Matthew Vadum, if anyone in the D.C. area wants to join us.

Exit question: Which senator does Professor Glenn Reynolds hate the most?


  1. Keep up the outstanding work!

  2. Glenn Reynolds... hmmmm... my guess is Chris Dodd.

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    Walpin is suing the Gubmint! You better be on this like stink on... well you get the picture!

  5. did amtrak ig really get a golden parachute with his "retirement" package? reports are he left voluntarily with over half a million in cash. some watchdog.