Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday, that weekly respite from everything else in favor of appreciation of beauty as such.
When you email Smitty with "Rule 5" in the Subject:, it gets in GMail for this roundup. Filter are cool. I then walk through chronologically and build this post, unless someone has flattered my pathetic ego sufficiently to claw their way to the top. To work.
  • DSM at Reboot Congress suggests Dana Loesch, and we concur.
  • Freakonomics heard about my Catharine Zeta-Jones problem, and played to my weakness
  • Little Miss Attila had her Conservative Cuties roundup, to augment Melissa's. I'll take my omission as well-deserved punishment.
  • Donald Douglas contributes Heidi Montag. <rant>One of the actual benefits of a full-on economic crash is that this completely stillborn practice of piercing, may, itself, get a stake in the heart. While I'm not so reactionary as to despise earrings, this whole business of shrapnel in odd places has got to go.</rant>
  • Unexpected contributor Daniel Hannan had a shot of himself with the Iron Lady. Governor Palin: you know whom to emulate.
  • Fisherville Mike artfully works Megan Fox into a post about the VA Democratic Party primary.
  • The Skepticrats features a meditation upon the topic of hair. Follicly challenged as I am, I weep for baldness from one eye and beauty from the other.
  • Freeberg may or may not have posted a picture of himself, for the ladies.
  • rightofcourse, considering the ladies posts an Eastwood clip.
  • Jeffords over at the Eye of Polyphemus has a Cameron Diaz moment. Let's up the ante, with some NSFW "Cougar Den", from SNL, with Cameron:
  • Wyblog features Angelina Jolie in the rain. Slightly safer for work than a wet t-shirt contest.
  • Paco remains a favorite contributor. These screen sirens make an important contribution to our argument that Rule 5 is a means of cultural enrichment. Thank you, sir.
  • Lance contributes crucial research in the WTF CA? field: And that is what we call selfless devotion to blogging in general, and Rule 5 in particular.
  • Carol contributes a shot of Jeff Chandler. Read the whole post. Tragic end.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins contributes a redhead discussing glowing monkeys. She mentions a YouTube channel. Hmmm.
  • The Rule 5 Compliance Committee at The Camp of the Saints has selected Kim Novak for inclusion this week. Approved as submitted.
  • That sly old Dustbury has committed Original Shin. Spot on, old boy!
  • Pat down in Shreveport is getting Troggy on us with the input.
    • She noted the ouster of Carrie Prejean.
    • She also posted twice on Stormy Daniels, noting:
      she hosted the F.A.M.E. awards this week in Los Angeles. That's Fans of Adult Media. I mean, if that doesn't qualify you for a viable Senate run these days, what does?
    I dunno. At a glance, she appears to have had a lot of work done. However, looking at some Congresscritters, has Stormy had enough work done to qualify for the either house? Actually, I'm quite blissful in my ignorance on this one. Please leave that question unanswered.

That's all for now. Send updates/flames to Smitty, and hit the tip jar, ye ungrateful ones.

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