Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fleeting Moments of Justice Require Admiration

by Smitty

This week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around will continue the topical layout, which will serve as a nice aid "just to try and recall the whole year" (Buffet, (the one I quote)).
The Iranian Election triggered a broad spectrum of dicussion on the shiny-nets. Karl Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Rove was one of the stranger tangents. I would have titled that post "If Sarah Palin is a Karl Rove production, does that mean Andrew Sullivan is Trig?" That got picked up by the likes of
  • Instapundit, in fact twice
  • The Trogpiler, which Sully might possibly enjoy. He also offers thoughts on suckology, but, frankly, they blow.
  • The Daily Gator was also sucked in.
  • The Pirate's Cove mentioned it, too.
  • Fausta had an excellent roundup, including the CBS screencap of infamy.
  • Nice Deb saw Fausta's CBS, and raised her a Sully picture thugged from AoSHQ.
  • rightofcourse linked us, alongside Legal Insurrection, which is great company.
  • Jules Crittenden added us to an impressive roundup.
  • The esteemed Daily Pundit noted this humble component of the Blogosphere, as well. He seems to be a member of the appearance-centric crowd who doesn't believe it possible that Governor Palin is the genuine conservative article. More's the pity.
  • Up North Mommy linked us.
  • Grow up Libs, says Scared Monkeys.
  • Western Experience was out west acquiring some, but linked us nonetheless.
  • World o' Crap amended some details on the Potemkin Village remark. "Catherine The Great Was Actually Stalin In A Dress!" is a great title, BTW. Sarcasm bordering on truth.
  • Stop the ACLU was also on the case.

The "Speak Loudly and Carry a Small Victim" (Coulter) Award goes out to those who are just becoming aware that they have been conned by the masters of identity politics. Ultimately, the federal government has no business messing about with our individual medical, sexual, and financial choices. Even if you think that your cause is just, you're laying down precedent for a bazillion other unjust ones. Cut that noise out. Now. Stacy's date request open letter to Angry Gay Democrats was linked by
Quoting Krugman and the economy in general drew the attention of:
The "Let Letterman be a Cautionary Tale to You, or, Why we Endeavor to Abide in Cynthia Yockey's Good Graces" section of the FMJRA:
You know the campaign is over, not because the stump went away, but because of the people being laid across it for dispatch by the headsman.
  • Paco less medieval in his take, trots out Louis Campagna for comment, not once but twice
  • Word even reached Shreveport, where Pat pulled in some great links.
  • Our man Jimmie was among the first to play the Watergate card. Subsequently, he worked in the ACORN reference. ACORN to oak, IG-gate ain't no...frigate.
  • The Classic Liberal chime in, with some Rule 5 relief.
  • Fausta was among the first I saw mentioning other IG firings.
  • Obie's Sister picked up on the "Nixonian evil" line.
  • Monique Stewart answered the call.
  • Velociworld has a neat post. Liked the first comment.
  • No Sheeples Here wondered if Walpin would become the Deep Throat of the Obama Administration. Walpin's cover is as blown as Publius' was a week ago, but the point holds.
  • Instapundit linked the Domino Theory article on Pajamas Media.
  • To which Carol added some actual dominoes.
  • Dan Collins felt he hadn't linke enough. Two to three links per post should be sufficient, though more is always better.
  • The Rhetorican linked both the NTC news and the PJ Media coverage. This is what I am talking about.

The "Least Eagerly Awaited Sex Tape of All Time, with 7/8 of the Ordeal Remaining" portion of the show focuses on ABC's White House pooper-scoop on health care. This may be a winning strategy. With enough effort, health care initiatives could cross the Sun Myung Moon horizon, and suddenly we just all somehow believe it. "Vee can do zhis der easy vay, or der Chicago Vay. Personally, vee're more familiar vis der Chicago Vay..."
  • Carolyn rounds up reactions.
  • Paco was on board, and linked the explanation.
  • Troglopundit links us on the subject of health care rationing, something to do with pencils, which has nothing to do with my neck.
  • Pundit and Pundette note the two minute drill.
  • Our man Jimmie was on the scene, making a rare point on the matter:
    Here is the acid test. Do you remember when President Bush was pushing for Social Security reform a few years back? Imagine what might have happened had Fox News announced it was going to devote every one of its news shows to a ¡°conversation¡± about social security reform and that it would be broadcasting from inside the Whote House all day. Imagine the outrage from the MSM and the left if Fox has shut out the Democrats entirely yet promised to be the very paragons of journalistic virtue.
    The whole administration is an acid test. Traditional, or Wolfe remains to be seen.
  • The Classic Liberal take: Good-bye freedom. Hello tyranny.
  • rightofcourse weighed in, with an opinion that sounded correct, obviously.
  • Caffeinated Thoughts noted the "that's not news, that's publicity" line.
  • The Pink Elephant Pundit links us. "Raisin' Hale", indeed. ;)
  • The Liberty Papers: My wife's response: "If Obama is truly serious about listening to doctors, this one says that he needs to leave my patients and me alone."
  • The Instapundit quoted Stacy, so we'll link back to him to help with the traffic.
  • Related Camp of the Saints

Somebody liked the Gary Kamiya deconstruction:
  • "Visigothic Rasputin (with Victorian overtones), Unite!", says Paco
  • Troglopundit foreign policy seems to follow the two tears in a bucket approach.

The political paradox that the same pack o' jackasses that caused the economic mess are somehow equipped to un-b0rk it:
This week's episode in Dr. Stacy's Osteoporotic Conservative Clinic was noted by the following bloggers:
  • The Daley Gator
  • Jimmie has a lengthy discussion on the topic.
  • And that's why they call it Riehlpolitik: "the rule in D.C. is never to attribute to ideology that which can be adequately explained by ambition." As long as that ambition doesn't end in shooting yourself, literally or literarily. Dr. Stacy says "Put the gun down, you'll burn yourself, it's really for use in lighting off fireworks, punk." But pretentious slut?
  • Half Past Noon waded into the fray, offering an analysis that seems interesting, but also appears to miss a crucial point: the labels are not the concepts. I understand that Hayek/von Mises considered themselves liberals, even though it's the conservatives quoting them today. You have to understand that people playing propaganda games have hijacked the terminology. By the end of this administration, collectivism shall have so established itself as to consider itself 'conservative', and start calling anyone desiring a life beyond the ant colony a 'nihilist liberal'. I'll bet a cup of coffee on the point, D.
  • Chris, at the League of Ordinary Milquetoasts weighed in on the whole terminology flap. "I¡¯m not saying that this form of conservatism-cum-liberalism is a bad thing."

Question to Chris and the rest of the navel-gazers: does the point of this RBS commercial elude you?
  • The South Texian elaborates nicely.
  • The mighty Donald Douglas termed Conor Andrew Sullivan's myrmidon, which is less than flattering. There was also a threat to publish private email traffic at which Douglas laughed, scoffed, and lauged some more.
  • The Camp of the Saintsweighed in on the matter.

My side clinic on humor had the following responses:
Big Shout Out to Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress Department:
Special, uncategoraizable mention category:
I have some additional links in a folder to add, but that will have to wait, as there is some kind of malware attacking my laptop. Please email corrections to smitty.
Update: Crisis resolved, additional material dispersed throughout the post, so you'll simply have to re-read it, paying extra attention, as one does, to . Start flooding my inbox with Rule 5 submissions, too. I'll be on that later.

Update II: The Blog Prof says: do your homework. And I say: "Roger that".
  • He linked us on the Letterman Protests, with handy video clips.
  • We got picked up on the Panetta/Cheney flapette, where the blogprof seemed to enjoy my Jane Curtin riff at the end. It's all about finding humor, even in situations as clearly manufactured to drive traffic as that one.
  • He also links us in passing while mentioning the Eating Is Like Rape Or Something post, courtesy of Donald Doulas. The only time I ever thought of food as rape was while eating an MRE about 15 years ago. They tell me MREs have improved, but they twitch while they say that, so I'm taking them at their word.


  1. I'm not through with my Letterman campaign until he's fired -- I just had to tend to a little bidness the last few days.

    Thanks for the links and the mention in your post.


  2. @Cynthia,
    Oh, he'll just retire or something. You'll be left to know that
    a) your efforts are instructive to a lot of people who think that activism is vaguely impolite
    b) you're a shot across the bow for the remainder who thought you had to be on the left or a religious fundamentalist to do this kind of thing.

  3. Nice gig you have here Chris. The CBDR crack made me look around to find out just WHO here was once in the Navy, and lo and behold, it's YOU!

    RSM's mention of a bowtie came in handy too, as Dave D mentioned the same thing to me just today.

    Keep in touch, shipmate!