Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bloggregating the Iran election has your Sunday morning round-up. The aggregation is still being updated, and linkage from other bloggers is most enthusiastically encouraged.

This round-up is a good example of the approach to doing round-up coverage on major news stories. Top headlines with brief excerpts and links to news sources, blog reactions and video. Nothing fancy or elaborate, a formula so simple that even dumb bloggers (like me, Smitty and Jimmie Bise Jr.) can do it. Like the slogan says, "More News. Less Money. No Bow Tie."

Also, no opinion, no attitude and no snark. offers a daily editorial (including guest contributions from bloggers) called "300 Hundred Words Or Less." Other than that, it's a Joe Friday "Just-the-facts-ma'am" approach to news blogging. The sidebars are filled with RSS feeds for news sources and bloggers so that, even when we're not online, the page is continually updated with fresh matterial.

We think it's pretty cool. Please check it out.

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