Thursday, June 18, 2009

BREAKING: Grassley Expands IG
Investigation; More Firings Probed; UPDATE: Targeting AIG Bailout?

CHICAGO TRIBUNE has the story and WASHINGTON TIMES breaks more news. Dan Riehl, Quin Hillyer, Ed Morrissey blogging, Memeorandum, plus much more at

Dang, I may not have to go to Sacramento . . .

UPDATE: Greg Pollowitz at NRO:
[L]ooks like A.I.G. could be the target here . . . . it was Democrats who were demanding that Barofsky look into A.I.G.'s bailout.
Breaking faster than hell . . .


  1. I start poppin' the popcorn now or just get the bowl out?

    Anything going to come of this or are they just going to issue a sternly worded letter to the Executive Office and be done with it?

    I for one think it should be the former, but given today's environment I fear it'll be the latter.

  2. The banking mafia shows that it has complete control of both parties. Contributions go a long way in Wall Street.

  3. If I were an enterprising reporter, I'd call Barry Ritholtz in NYC RIGHT NOW.

    He's been on the AIG counterparty payments for quite some time. So has Cuomo, NYState AG.

  4. I hope this is the beginning of the end. It's only been about 150 days ... and look at the mess he's made.