Monday, June 15, 2009

The Blogger Whom Allah Hateth
Gets No Credit for His Scoop

Allah hates me -- I own that Google-bomb -- and the complex algorithm of Allahpundit non-linkage contributes enormously to situations like this:
In October, a truck driver traveling through a low-income district of Jacksonville, Fla., saw a billboard advertising a program that offered free cell-phones for the poor. The truck driver tipped me, and I reported it on my blog.
Sunday, the New York Times finally did a feature story about Lifeline, a federally-subsidized, federally-mandated program.
The blogosphere is excited about this story. Do I get any credit for my scoop? Of course not. Because I suck.
People have asked me why I keep pointing out how much I suck, but it is Allah who -- by his eternal non-linkage -- continuously points this out. I merely note the fact, so that when my friends behold with sadness my poverty and obscurity, they need not wonder why.

UPDATE: Woe unto ye, Ed Driscoll, for it is a proverb among the wise that there is hatred sufficient to encompass all who link the blogger whom Allah hateth.


  1. Yeah, but doesn't incurring the whiny rage of Andrew Sullivan negate the suckage? Granted, he's ANDREW SULLIVAN, but still....

  2. Hmpf. Prolly you're just begging for compliments, but the truth is the truth, and here it is: YOU are on my 'daily read' list. If Allah didn't show up on _Hot Air_, I'd never ever waste a click on him if I could help it. Now stop whining and focus on what you do best.