Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill Kristol is wrong

And you ask, why is Bill Kristol wrong?
It is one thing to assume (at least, for the sake of argument) that a liberal like Obama desires what is good for America. It is another thing to assume that a liberal actually knows what is good for America, or that, knowing what is good, he will actually pursue the good competently and persistently. The history of liberalism disproves any such assumption. . . .
Stop Obama: Because He's Not Grover Cleveland. If conservatives need a slogan, I say that will do.


  1. On domestic policy, I can understand your point. But I'm far less certain that every foreign policy decision made by a liberal should be opposed as wrong from the start.

  2. A good operating procedure when dealing with Kristol is to assume from the start that everything which spews forth from his mouth and dumped from his fingers is completely and utterly wrong. You can always work backwards on the off chance that he is partially right about something.

  3. Saying William Kristol is wrong is like saying that Wormtongue is wrong. It is a nonsensical construction. William Kristol is a political animal who seeks favor from whomever is in power to pursue his agenda. Of course Obama can expect nothing but honeyed words from that power hungry schemer. Kristol simply does not care what happens to this country or its people as long as he can still work for the neoconservative foreign policy agenda. He is pursuing his ambition with utter correctness.

  4. Kristol wants to keep getting those cocktail party invites.

  5. "Of course Obama can expect nothing but honeyed words from that power hungry schemer."

    Of course, you have that back-assward.

    Obama is the power hungry schemer with "honeyed words." Well, honeyed to the effortlessly dim who voted for the petty fraud.

  6. foreign policy, the Conservative position (IIRC George Washington) is to keep our noses out of other people's business until they make trouble for the USA. Our troops belong in the USA, not in Kosovo. Not in Germany. Not in Korea.

    I can live with that!

  7. I'm am gratified that Stacy and I independently arrived at the conclusion that Grover Cleveland was the last acceptable Democratic president.

  8. Some one beat me to it. Kristol is Always Wrong! He's been wrong for years on everything.
    Supporting McCain, push Lieberman as V-P, supporting illegal immigration and open borders, the list on and on.

    Kristol's only real talent is sucking up to power & getting rich men to hire him. Punch S. got him a job at the NYT, and Murdoch hired him to edit the Weekly Standard, and appear on Fox. Has Kristol every written anything that was truly witty or interesting? I think not.

  9. Alexander Hami... I mean, 'George Washington' would have written the Farewell Address completely differently if it was the British that needed American help in the war instead of the French.

  10. Maybe, maybe not, Joe.

    Probably just co-incidence that from c.1800 to c.1900 the US enjoyed pretty solid growth while keeping our nose OUT of the EuroMess.

    The term "National Interest" has meaning. Kosovo is NOT a "national interest" (e.g.). On the other hand, Joe, if you're all fired up about Kosovo, go over there and volunteer.

  11. Probably just co-incidence that from c.1800 to c.1900 the US enjoyed pretty solid growth while keeping our nose OUT of the EuroMess.

    And of course once we started putting our noses in the EuroMess that growth came to a sudden halt.

    Oh. Wait.

  12. I disagree. Letterman apologized; Palin accepted; it's over. I recognize the gay activist communist knows to keep pressing the attack. I find that's one reason I think there's something wrong with them. Liberals keep pressing the attack -- and I think that's one thing that there's something wrong with them.

    Your first line tells more than perhaps you meant -- you can kill a person who keeps pressing on and won't take yes for an answer. In other words, if both sides start to play everything for keeps, it's gonna end up being settled in the streets.

    Letterman's initial joke was offensive. His initial apology was unacceptable. The campaign to go after him was correct. But he's apologized "good enough" for now, and we don't need a scalp.

    Bill H.