Monday, June 15, 2009

Health-care townhall goes green?
Obama cultivates the plants!

The MSM is asleep at the switch as Barack Obama fields "spontaneous" health-care questions from . . . a former Democratic Party candidate for Congress:
This questioner can be seen in a CNN video covering the Green Bay event. The woman is identified as "Paulette Guerin" and labeled as an "attendee" of the meeting on the CNN segment. In fact CNN got the spelling of the woman's last name wrong, it's not Guerin, but Garin. . . .
Garin was a recent Democrat candidate for Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District. Not only that but Garin is a proponent of a single-payer plan, as Obama was when he was a Senator from Illinois. In fact, Garin says right on her webpage that Obama is a proponent of the single payer plan and she urges fellow Wisconsinites to flood Congress with calls to implement the single payer system . . .
Jeff Gannon could not be reached for comment.


  1. A planted (read "spontaneous) commenter at an Obama townhall? Is anyone really surprised?

    Most of the people in this country are happy with their health-care, but the Obama/Pelosi/Reid junta will continue to try and ram this down our throats.

  2. That was my great dilemma during this past election. Paulette Garin or Paul Ryan? Ryan or Garin? Tough to decide.