Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty
Welcome back to another episode of Rule 5 Sunday, the most cheerful roundup of (cheese/beef)cake on the webbytubes, or somebody else gets a bailout. Submit links to Smitty for inclusion. And now to the post:
  • We'll get things rolling with Three Beers Later. This comparatively recent blog features everything a knuckle-dragger could want. Beer: check. Feminist-offensive clip: check. Great blog intro, Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean: check, check, check. Dude, you rock. Additionally, the character in question may irritate Stacy into trotting out old Brooks Rossington Frumdreher III, whose absinthe is enough to drive one to distraction.
  • Bob's Bar and Grill picks up about the only thing Three Beers Later omitted: Milla Jovovich with cannons.
  • And if Milla isn't enough, the Kuru Lounge has Sienna Miller as the Baroness. Kuru ups the ante with an Ewa Sonnet clip. Life is beachy-keen.
  • Monique Stewart trades iron for fashion with Rachel McAdams, which is not such a bad deal. Monique was also getting her Columbo on WRT Carrie Prejean:
    What bothers me about this story is, why would an aspiring Victoria’s Secret model without a chest take nude photos in her pursuit to become a Vicky’s Secret model? I mean, has she ever seen a VS model?
  • Pat in Shreveport calls in Condi Rice for the diplomatic take on Rule 5. Officially, she serves up the beefcake, as in this Steve McQueen example.
  • HuffPo had something about the next Cindy Crawford. Because we're openminded about lefty blogs, and stuff.
  • You can see Jennifer Ellison on Rollerblades over at Freeberg's blog. At least I think she's on rollerblades. For some reason, his interest did not extend as far South as her footwear.
  • Jeffords ponders a Megan Fox/Scarlett Johansson imbroglio over handling "sex symbol" status. Me, I gave that up to be a Porch Manqué. The whole sex symbol thing involved too much math.
  • Paco contributes his signature silver screen enticements.
  • The Daily Gator babe is both far out and far East.
  • The cheeky Troglopundit contributes a smiley.
  • Carol at No Sheeples Here has some photoshop fun at my expense. For the record, I did spend $5 on gaming, but it was all pinball. Gambling involves too much math.
  • Pax Parabellum brings us to a somber conclusion about beauty contests in other societies.
  • And, finally, it's Mother's Day.
Quick, send more links to bring the buzz back to Smitty.

  • The Clever S.Logan proves the name by coaxing some unintended self-advertising from Mitt Romney. Nicely done.
  • Serr8d combines Rule 5 with a Star Trek review. I guess this means he liked it?

Update II:
  • We have a thoughtful, highbrow submission from the Skepticrats. Taste is such a moving target, no?
  • Serr8d points us to someone code-named Wyatt Earp, who has some Mother's Day fare for consideration.
  • American Power points to Heidi Klum. Viva Mother's Day!
  • HotMES contributes Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson. It sounds as though they may be related.


  1. The antithesis of Rule 5 Sunday:

  2. Yes! YES! VALIDATE ME! VALIDATE MEEEEEE...*cough* *ahem* oh, hey, glad you enjoyed.

    And you've proved that Frumley is still traveling in the best circles... just ask him.

    TW: sillycom: a particularly fatuous leftist.

  3. Although frankly, I always thought Brooks' absinthe made the heart grow fonder...

    TW: fardst: An Iranian embarrassment in the elevator.

  4. I've got you linked up in the best Mother's Day Rule 5 evah! "Rule 5 Rescue: Heidi Klum Mother's Day Action!".